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Season 3 Episode 1, "The Arrangement" First Aired: 16th July 2013
Suits Season 3, Episode 1 - The Arrangement  
The merger is complete and Jessica’s new business partner, Darby immediately sets to work and assigns Harvey a high profile client who risks losing her company. Mike sets to work trying to rebuild his relationship with Harvey and manage the outcome of his revelation to Rachel
Season 3 Episode 2, "I Want You to Want Me" First Aired: 23rd July 2013
Suits Season 3, Episode 2 - I Want You to Want Me  
Louis offers Mike a case that could change his future at the firm. Harvey and Jessica team up to bring down an old nemesis who complicates their case to keep Ava Hessington out of jail
Season 3 Episode 3, "Unfinished Business" First Aired: 30th July 2013
Suits Season 3, Episode 3 - Unfinished Business  
Cameron Dennis strikes back at Harvey by arresting one of his clients for murder. Katrina Bennett tries to win over Louis, who’s still smarting from his rejection by Mike; and a British version of Harvey arrives to stir things up at the firm
Season 3 Episode 4, "Conflict of Interest" First Aired: 6th August 2013
Suits Season 3, Episode 4 - Conflict of Interest  
Harvey’s defense of Ava hits a roadblock when the interests of her murder trial are at odds with Louis’ work to thwart a hostile takeover of Hessington Oil by a rival businessman
Season 3 Episode 5, "Shadow of a Doubt" First Aired: 13th August 2013
Suits Season 3, Episode 5 - Shadow of a Doubt  
Lines between the personal and the professional get blurred when Harvey and Stephen work together on Ava’s case, and Mike invites Rachel to join him on a case that gets complicated when his secret falls in the line of fire — with Rachel’s parents
Season 3 Episode 6, "The Other Time" First Aired: 20th August 2013
Suits Season 3, Episode 6 - The Other Time  
Cameron’s continuing use of shady tactics on Ava’s case brings up memories of why Harvey left the DA’s office to work for Jessica. As Rachel visits law schools, Mike looks back on what cost him his one chance at a degree
Season 3 Episode 7, "She’s Mine" First Aired: 27th August 2013
Suits Season 3, Episode 7 - She's Mine  
Harvey clashes with Stephen over Ava’s case, among other issues. Meanwhile, things are still tense between Harvey and Jessica as they strategize how best to defend Ava. And Louis enlists Rachel in his battle with Nigel over a broken contract… and heart.
Season 3 Episode 8, "Endgame" First Aired: 3rd September 2013
Suits Season 3, Episode 8 - Endgame  
As Ava Hessington’s murder trial begins, Harvey, Mike and Jessica fight off betrayal from both inside the firm and out. Meanwhile, Louis and Donna seek to even the score with those who have done them wrong.
Season 3 Episode 9, "Bad Faith" First Aired: 10th September 2013
Suits Season 3, Episode 9 - Bad Faith  
Pearson Darby Specter’s “divorce” brings trust issues to the forefront. Harvey finds himself battling Scottie once again, Louis convinces Jessica to let him handle the dissolution talks, and Mike asks Rachel to take a big step forward in their relationship.
Season 3 Episode 10, "Stay" First Aired: 17th September 2013
Suits Season 3, Episode 10 - Stay  
An old nemesis returns to complicate the Pearson Darby negotiations and put Harvey and Scottie on opposite sides once again. Meanwhile, recruiting a new hire puts Louis in Sheila’s crosshairs, and Mike and Rachel find themselves in Jessica’s crosshairs.
Season 3 Episode 11, "Buried Secrets" First Aired: 6th March 2014
Suits Season 3, Episode 11 - Buried Secrets  
Things get complicated when Harvey mixes business with pleasure and gets caught between Jessica and Scottie. Painful memories plague Mike as he uses a case to exorcise demons against an old foe, while Louis’ suspicions threaten to expose Mike
Season 3 Episode 12, "Yesterday’s Gone" – Trailer First Aired: 13th March 2014
Suits Season 3, Episode 11 - Buried Secrets  
Harvey see’s both Mike and Jessica coming to him for support when issues from their past come back to haunt them
Season 3 Episode 13, "Moot Point" First Aired: 20th March 2014
Harvey goes one-on-one against an old law school rival, with an assist from Mike, while he and Jessica try not to get caught in the crossfire of a battle that erupts between Louis and Scottie
Season 3 Episode 14, "Heartburn" First Aired: 27th March 2014
While Harvey and Mike have unpleasant work to do for one of their biggest clients, Louis faces a huge challenge and Rachel tries to collect on an old debt
Season 3 Episode 15, "Know When to Fold ‘Em" First Aired: 3rd April 2014
Harvey faces off with a relentless attorney who goes after one of his biggest clients, Mike has to make a big decision, and former named partner Charles Van Dyke has an axe to grind
Season 3 Episode 16, "No Way Out" First Aired: 10th April 2014
Things are anything but business as usual when Harvey and Mike find themselves at odds with a tenacious U.S. Attorney, Scottie and Harvey can’t seem to get on the same page and Mike and Rachel clash over plans for the future
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