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Gabriel Macht was born on 22nd January 1972 in The Bronx, New York City. His mother, Suzanne, is a museum curator and archivist and his dad Stephen, is also an actor. The rest of the family is made up of a younger brother, musician Jesse, older brother Ari Serbin and older sister Julie.

Although he was born in New York, Gabriel moved with his family to California when he was five years old and it was only a few years after this move that he got his first acting breakthrough when he played the part of Jorge in the 1980 film Why Would I Lie? He was credited in the picture as Gabriel Swann and received a nomination for the Best Young Motion Picture Actor Award. After graduating from Beverly Hills High School in 1980 Gabriel went to Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts in Pittsburgh from where he graduated in 1994. Gabriel credits John Travolta as a great inspiration and has appeared in a number of TV series and movies, including of course, the part of Harvey Specter on Suits. In 2008 he played the title role in the comic book adaptation of The Spirit, and although the movie itself was a box office failure, it gained Macht a bit of a following.

Gabriel married Australian born actress Jacinda Barrett in December 2004 and on 20th August 2007, their daughter Satine Anais Geraldine Macht was born. The couple are still together at the time of writing this and Jacinda has appeared alongside her husband several times, playing the part of Zoe Lawford on Suits. Jacinda isn’t the only person on the set of Suits that Macht has a personal connection with though. He has been friends with Sarah Rafferty who plays Donna for the best part of 20 years and they even shared a house at one point while they were filming the show in Toronto.

Conscious of the effect people have on the environment, Gabriel practices green living and is also a vegetarian. He is also a massive New York Yankees fan.

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