Suits Season 3, Episode 2 – I Want You to Want Me – Recap

At the end of the first episode of season 3 of Suits ‘The Arrangement’, we were left with the astounding revelation that Harvey was willing to do a deal with Darby to take down Jessica in order to take her place at the side of Darby at the head of the firm. When Darby asks Harvey, “You want to take down Jessica”, Harvey in no uncertain terms replies “Yes I do”.

At the start of episode two, entitled, ‘I Want You to Want Me’, Donna calls Harvey’s deal with Darby a coup, but Harvey says its not a coup, “it’s a move”. Before the move can be discussed any further though, Harvey has to deal with something in his office, namely the special prosecutor in the Ava Hessington case, Cameron Dennis.

Cameron Dennis was Harvey’s mentor when he was working at the U.S. District Attorney’s office and it turns out that he holds a grudge against both Harvey and Jessica. It also turns out that Dennis was willing and ready to sell Harvey out in order to save himself when he was accused of burying evidence.

The irony is that now Harvey is a mentor himself, to Mike, he is also ready to turn his back on his once right hand man and when Louis comes to seek his permission to take Mike as his associate, Harvey gives his blessing and says “he’s all yours”. Harvey is unable to firgive Mike for his actions when he sided with Jessica, no matter how much of a threat she had hanging over his head, and it makes no difference that Mike is willing to give up the office Jessica has arranged for him and the fact that he is burdoned with a huge amount of guilt. As far as Harvey is concerened, “what happened, should’ve never happened”. It seems that the once formiddable partnership of Harvey and Mike is over and maybe a new one is about to begin with Louis and Mike instead.

Louis gives an emotional speech to the associates who don’t really seem interested in the fact that he will no longer be the head of associates, a position which he lost to Nigel when he fell for the quartermaster bait.

Although Jessica pepped Louis up by telling him he could take on an associate to mentor and the fact that Harvey has given his blessing for that associate to be Mike, he still has to convince Mike that it’s the right thing to do. So, Louis takes Mike to a steakhouse restaurant whose owner has asked Louis to try and prevent it from being demolished. Mike concedes that the steak is probably the best he has ever eaten. Louis and Mike join forces to prevent, or at least delay to demolision.

Louis’ next step is to show Mike what perks there could be if he were to become his associate, so he takes him for a mud-wrap spa session and even though he has to get naked with Louis in the mud, he enjoys his time with him and starts to see how working with him may not be such a bad thing, and that’s the point, he sees that he would be working ‘with’ Louis, rather than ‘for’ Louis which is not quite how it works with Harvey.

Harvey pushes on with the Ava Hessington case without Mike and discusses an incriminating video released to him as incriminating evidence by Cameron Dennis. It turns out that the video was made by Ava’s right hand man and protégée, Nick who she had trusted implicitly. The connection between this and his relationship with Mike is not lost on Harvey. Ava wants to bribe Nick into not releasing the video but Harvey says that’s just what Cameron Dennis wants. Instead, Harvey speaks to Nick and appeals to his conscience and tells him that he may regret betraying his mentor.

Donna tells Harvey that it might be time for them both to forgive Mike, especially because the situation was essentially all Jessica’s fault. Mike is in Louis’ office about to tell him that he has accepted the position as his associate. Louis disappears to fetch something to celebrate and while he is gone Harvey appears in Louis’ office and tells him “I can’t let you do this”. As Louis turns the corner with the celebratory cake and sees the high five between Harvey and Mike, he knows that he has lost and the cake ends up in the bin.

Harvey and Mike may be back together, but Harvey is still intent on taking down Jessica, especially after she tells him that if he put her in the same position again, she would not hesitate to react in the same way. In the cut-throat business of corporate law, it’s all about surviving both for the mentors aand their associates. The ‘coup’ is still on.

With regard to the other office relationship in Mike’s life, the one with Rachel, it seems to be going from strength to strength and they are struggling to keep their hands off each other, especially in the office. However, it appears that the best friend situation between Rachel and Donna may be starting to feel the strain.

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