Suits Season 3, Episode 1 – The Arrangement – Recap

It seems Mike is not confident that Rachel won’t turn him in as he awakes from a nightmare thinking about his situation now that she knows the truth about him.

Harvey attends a contract meeting and bluffs a little too hard. Jessica accuses him of trying to self destruct his contract but he informs her that if he had wanted to leave he could have got out of his contract at any time but he stayed because she needed his help.

Mike goes to see Rachel at her house and tells her about his nightmare. He tells her that rather than being afraid she might turn him in, he is afraid of losing her. Rachel offers up an option. Instead of worrying about being arrested for fraud, why not just quit. He doesn’t need to stay for Harvey any more.

Mike goes to see Jessica the following day but after she shows him around his new office, he backs down and doesn’t say anything to her.

Across the other side of the office, Louis is upset about the merger, mainly because of the pens. When Donna tells him that he could always buy his own pens but Louis says that he can’t because that would mean he would lose his status. Donna fails to tell Louis that the ink that has spilled from the broken cheap plastic pen he was using has ended up on his top lip looking like a Hitler moustache.

Jessica’s new partner, Darby, makes his first demand of the firm when he decides he wants to represent Ms. Ava in a trial against the federal government. Jessica decides to turn his demand to her advantage and tries to build bridges with Harvey by putting him on the case.

Rachel is waiting in Mike’s office when he arrives and is a little upset about the fact he didn’t quit but what upsets her more is that there is a diploma on the wall which isn’t real, yet he is accepted as a lawyer at the firm while she is doing things the hard way and working hard to get herself a real one.

Harvey goes to see Darby and strikes a deal with him. If he wins the case, his non-compete agreement in his contract gets removed.

As Mike seems to think he has nowhere left to turn he turns to the most unlikely person in the building, Louis. He can’t tell Louis the reason, but reveals that Harvey won’t even look at him let alone talk to him. Louis tells Mike that although he isn’t showing it or even admitting it to himself, Harvey needs Mike, and that all Mike has to do is help Harvey win.

Meanwhile, Harvey does realise that he needs help with the Ava case but he can’t go to Mike. Donna suggests asking Scotty. He manages to catch Scotty at the airport and convinces her that he needs her and that he does have feelings for her.

Louis is in a battle with Nigel but the tables are about to be turned on him as Nigel sets Louis up so that he thinks Nigel wants the Quarter Master job. However, when Louis gets that job, it turns out that Nigel is the real winner as he now has control of the associates, not Louis.

Harvey goes to meet Ava to talk about the case. It turns out that her company has been accused of bribing officials in order to get an overseas pipeline built. This is going to be a tough one for Harvey because Ava is smart, maybe even too smart for him. As he is leaving the office, he is stopped by Mike who hands him some information which should help with the case. The problem is that Mike hasn’t given him anything he doesn’t already have, as Scotty had already given him the same information. As his move didn’t work he tells Harvey to get off his chest what he is holding onto about him, but Harvey won’t. Harvey believes that he could have protected Mike and that he should have come to him with what Jessica was planning to do, no matter what threats were hanging over his head.

So, Mike goes to Rachel to bare his soul. It will either make them or break them. As it turns out, they are still in bed together the next morning.

Mike has been sneaking files into Harvey’s office in order to try and help Harvey win. Armed with some of this information, Harvey is now aware that the biggest contributor to the prosecutor’s election campaign is on of Ava’s biggest business rivals.

Mike finds some dirt on Jessica and so she now has lost the power of the fake diploma which was hanging over his head.

Harvey goes back to Darby to renegotiate his position. He’s changed his mind. He doesn’t want the non-compete clause gone, he wants Darby’s backing for managing partner. He wants Jessica’s job.

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