Suits, Season 2, Episode 7 – Sucker Punch

A deposition involving Travis Tanner and Harvey doesn’t go as well as it could when the proceedings fall apart and end with Harvey punching Tanner in the face. As a consequence, Daniel Hardman suggests to Jessica that a trial run might be a good idea so that they can prepare properly when it comes to defending Harvey for real. In order for the trial run to be as close to the likely reality as possible, Jessica and Harvey need to choose an opponent who isn’t afraid of getting nasty and personal if it comes to it. Consequently, Louis ends up with the job.

In order for Louis to throw as much at Harvey and Jessica as possible, Mike helps to prep him. On the flip side though, Harvey decides that he should recruit a former colleague to shore up his defence and they know the perfect person for the job as she knows Harvey inside out. Unfortunately, Donna is not particularly receptive to the idea, having been fired and everything and she makes it clear that he will have to look after himself for a change rather than rely on her.

When the trial run begins, it doesn’t take long for the team to realise that there will be no holds barred as Louis lets fly. However, when Donna turns up for the proceedings, instead of things getting better for Harvey, Louis goes in for the kill and turns Harvey’s realtionship with Donna into a weapon before Harvey has a chance to use it as part of his defence. It looks like Harvey and Jessica are definitely not as prepared as they would like to be and the attack which Louis has opted for may be the one which completely derails everything they are trying to achieve.

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