Suits, Season 2, Episode 4 – Discovery

Harvey’s back is up again with the appearance of Travis Tanner on the scene. Tanner is reopening an old case of Harvey’s where he had managed to get a wrongful death suit against a car manufacturer, Coastal Motors, quashed. Tanner is claiming that he has new evidence in the case which happened four years earlier and says that he is aware of a memo, the existence of which was covered up by Harvey and his team at the time. Tanner is starting to get delusions of grandeur as he says he is coming after not only Coastal Motors, but Harvey and Pearson Hardman as well.

Jessica is concerned that Daniel Hardman will use the alegations being made by Tanner against Jessica and Harvey and will make a power play from within the firm. She tells Harvey to get the problem sorted as quickly as possible and to do it quietly so that Hardman won’t get to hear about it. However, the quick and quiet approach is very soon proved to be unviable as Tanner’s personal attack on Harvey undermines Harvey’s relationship with Coastal Motors.

While all this is going on Mike has no option but to work with Louis and he isn’t looking forward to it. However, as things move on, Mike starts to develop at least a small amount of respect for Louis when he sees how effective he can be but its not long before Louis starts to do things that will kill their new friendship stone dead.

As the investigation continues at Pearson Hardman into the allegations made by Tanner, Harvey discovers that Tanner was actually right about the cover up. However, Tanner isn’t interested in just a win for his client, he wants to destroy Harvey as well, and Harvey doesn’t realise how bad things are about to get for him.

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