Suits, Season 1, Episode 8 – Identity Crisis

Harvey turns up for work expecting to take part in the deposition of a man who is thought to be embezzling money from a large charity for the homeless which builds houses for them. However, someone else is waiting for Harvey in his office preventing him from getting there on time and so Louis decides to start deposing the embezzlement suspect without him.

The man in Harvey’s office is Jerome Jensen, CEO of a large natural gas fracking company and also one of Pearson Hardman’s largest clients. However, Jensen is not there on company business. He wants to hire Harvey to find out why his daughter, who is 25 years old, needs a fake ID card. This is not flying high on Harvey’s list of things to get done today, so he delegates the task to Mike.

When Harvey arrives in the conference room to start the deposition, he not only finds that Louis has started without him, but also that their suspect, their only suspect, has rather incosiderately died of heart failure.

He doesn’t relish the idea, but Harvey realises that he and Louis are going to have to work together to figure out how the get the embezzlement case back on track now that their suspect is no longer available. Inevitably, Louise and Harvey disagree on the way forward. Harvey wants to follow the money, but Louis wants to start interrogating the people at the top. If they’re going to solve the case, then they need to start thinking of how to work together, and quick.

While this is going on, Jensen’s daughter has been located by Mike but now Mike is in two minds how to proceed after she confesses to him that she has been embezzling money from her father’s company, but only to help the people who have been affected by the gas fracking methods. Should Mike do his job and turn the girl in or should he help this modern day Robin Hood steal from the rich corporation and give to the affected needy.

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