About Suits

Formerly know as A Legal Mind, Suits is a comedy / drama TV show about a law firm in New York called Pearson Hardman. More specifically it follows the lives of some of the key people who work there, most notably, Senior Partner Harvey Specter played by Gabriel Macht and his new associate Mike Ross, played by Patrick J. Adams.

Mike is a college drop out who is fortunate to have an eidetic memory. In other words he remembers everything he is exposed to, even if he only sees it for an instant. So, although Mike was a dropout, he was still able to pass the bar exam without attending law school.

Harvey is one of, if not the, best lawyer in Manhattan and takes a risk hiring Mike, even though he knows that he never went to Harvard, which is where Pearson Hardman recruit all their new associates from. This though, leads to Mike and Harvey having to work together to keep Mike’s secret from the rest of the firm.

The rest of the firm, as far as the show is concerned includes Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle), a bright, young, attractive paralegal who is also ambitious and wants to one day attend Harvard herself in order to be employed at Pearson Hardman as a lawyer.

There is also Donna (Sarah Rafferty) who works for Harvey as his executive assistant and has been with him seemingly forever. She knows everything about the comings and goings at the firm and is able to predict what Harvey needs to have done, even before he knows himself. Donna knows Mike’s secret but is a trusted ally, because any friend of Harvey’s is a friend of Donna’s.

Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) is another one of the partner’s at Pearson Hardman and always seems to be at loggerheads with Harvey, as well as most other people at the firm. Louis is responsible for all of the associates and he rules with an iron fist

Finally, there is Jessica Pearson. As the name suggests, she is the managing partner at Pearson Hardman and although she appears cold-hearted, and has a reputation for letting nothing get in her way, she also has a softer side…. when it suits her.

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